Stopping the decline and ensuring the long-term conservation of Cory's Shearwater (Calonectris diomedea) and the associated endemic Mediterranean Shearwater (Puffinus yelkouan).

Photo © F. Dhermain / P. Robert

1/ Porquerolles
2/ Port-cros
3/ Le levant
4/ Bagaud

Restoration and management of natural and anthropic breeding sites.
Reduction of shearwaters mortality factors.
Development of study and monitoring protocols to increase the knowledge.
Development of tools concerning habitat management and conservation,
Development of pedagogic tools for environmental education.

Predator control by trapping (rats and cats).
Translocation of Yellow-legged Gull nests located inside the colonies.
Restoration and dynamization of shearwaters breeding sites by the use of artificial burrows.
Consolidation of deteriorated sites and the installation of automatic playback devices emitting breeding shearwater songs.

Development of pedagogic tools to make the public aware and sensitive.
Creation of communication tools to federate experiences and information.
Implementation of a study programme aiming to improve the scientific knowledge.
Perpetuating conservation actions after the end of the LIFE programme.

The LPO is the French NGO that has been officially representing Birdlife International in France.Its aims are to protect birds and their ecosystems and to sensibilize the public.The LPO counts 35 000 members.The beneficiary of this project is the regional member of LPO.

The Port-Cros national Park is a public institution.
The Park acts for the development and maintaining of floral and faunal species
of great patrimonial value on its territory.

The IMEP is a University-CNRS mixed research unit.
The "Landscape Ecology and Conservation Biology" team works in the domain of
ecology, applied to the management of
natural environments and conservation of species and habitats.